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Here at Sporting Saint we always try our best to help support any event within the Gundog Community. We already support a wide range of events worldwide and are committed to supporting as many as we can.

Please complete the form below and select your sponsorship pack - These will be added into your BASKET on completion.

If you’d like to discuss a more customised form of sponsorship please do contact our team on [email protected]

We kindly request that you make your sponsorship requests up to 4 weeks in advance of any events.

Sponsorship Signup Details
You are required to make a choice.
You are required to make a choice.
You are required to make a choice.
You are required to make a choice.
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E.g. How many people will see, attend or be involved?

Sporting Saint offers the following Sponsorship option, more than one may apply depending on your event.

Pack 1

1 x Sporting Saint Lanyard
1 x Sporting Saint Lead or a Key Ring Dummy
1 x Sporting Saint Product Flyer

We also offer tailored sponsorship packages please contact [email protected] to discuss further. 

We will also provide the following –

Sporting Saint Banner with cable ties,
Sporting Saint A5 Flyers,
Sporting Saint Logo to be used on marketing material, social media etc.

We kindly request that your Sponsorship Request Form reaches us at least four weeks prior to your event. Thank you.

Terms and Conditions

Postage of shipping the sponsorship to be paid prior to despatch of the goods, postage amount will be advised.

We will advise the applicant via email the status of your application within 2 weeks of your request being received, we may contact you earlier should we require additional information.

Please fill in all fields, requests must reach us 4 weeks prior to your event.

Our products that are donated as sponsorship must not be sold on for financial gain.

Any vouchers given as sponsorship are only valid for 12 months from the event date they were given at.  After than time they will be expired and invalid.

Please either complete the form online or email [email protected] for a downloadable copy which can be printed off and completed, and returned to us via post or email as an attachment.

Sponsorship Request

Sporting Saint Limited

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United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

If you have any questions please do ask.

Thank you for thinking of Sporting Saint for Sponsorship.

Sponsorship Pack

Sponsorship Pack 1
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