Air & Go Accessories

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Product Code: Air_Go_Charger

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The Air & Go Accessories

  • Launcher dummies - please note, these are only to be used with the Air & Go launchers due to the materials used would not with-stand use in the blank fired launchers. Thank you.
  • Ball Shooter - specially made for the Air & Go to shoot balls across the field, approx. 15m in distance.
  • Double fitting pipe - allows you to fire more dummies from one point, one dummy will travel the usual distance while the other dummy will travel not as far.
  • Ride and Go - has been designed to become a trolley like system so you can transport your 2, 4 and 6 shooters about (8 shooters come on their own trolley). The pneumatic tyres are perfect for pulling or pushing across the fields.


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