Advanced Placeboard Training with Team Rytex

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This Advanced Placeboard film will show you what Team Rytex has learnt over the last six years training dogs at the Rytex kennels on placeboards.Watch and learn valuable lessons; where to stand around the placeboard when sending and delivering, get your dog keen for retrieving before using a placeboard, how to use a short lead on the placeboard for full control over your dog during training. Team Rytex show you and share lots of useful placeboard training tips.

This DVD will cover all aspects of Placeboard Training.


Please note DVD and Placeboards are sold separately. 

DVD Sequences

  • Humanize
  • The placeboard
  • Placeboard positions
  • Tools of the trade
  • Solve burying problems
  • Encourage keenness
  • Preparation for the placeboard
  • Introduction to the placeboard
  • Solve lack of concentration
  • Right & wrong on the placeboard
  • Holding the dummy
  • Encourage the dog to focus
  • Dave’s burying problem solved
  • Lesson with Jay & Hope
  • Make sure boards are stable
  • More work on the placeboards
  • Final preparation on the placeboard
  • Don’t take your eyes off the area
  • Exercises in the field

Featuring and presented by Ian Openshaw, featuring Wendy Openshaw and Steve Brewer
Running Time 75 mins
Filmed and produced by Paul French Video


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