Auto Launch Remote Control Dummy Launcher

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Exclusive to Sporting Saint and as used by professional Gundog Trainer David Latham of Fendawood Gundogs
The 'AUTO LAUNCH ' Remote Control Dummy Launcher is a complete gundog training system.  Ideal for use by any gundog trainer from early stage training through to the professional training day or gundog event plus made in the UK!

Available as a 2, 4 or 8 Shot Launcher plus Add On Launchers available for each. 


Please see the short video attached, viewed best with sound! Scroll to the bottom


Technical Info

The Auto Launch fires Canvas launcher dummies that can reach up to 50m and PVC Launcher dummies that can reach up to 90m.

The Auto Launch is designed to simulate game being shot and falling to the ground.

Streamer Launcher Dummies can be used to enhance visibility for young dogs during training. The Streamers also provide a noise and feather like effect in the air.

Launcher Dummies do land in the same location.

The Auto Launch 4 Shot has Bi-Directional firing, with two out of the four launchers firing in one direction while the other two shots can fire in another direction. Or all four launchers can face the same direction.

 Auto Launch 2 Shot fires in one direction only

The Auto Launch can be set up where required, and launch from any location up to 400m away

Adjustable launcher angle - letting the user choose the best for their training - High or Low bird

Simple to operate, makes a very efficient and effective dog training tool.

Suitable for training on your own or in a group

Remote Handset can operate up to 4 Auto Launchers machines

Carry handles so the Auto Launch can easily be moved/carried around

Blank removing tool

Launcher uses .22 launcher blanks - we recommend the green or yellow!

The Sporting Saint Ball Boy and all Sporting Saint Launcher Dummies will fit this launcher.

  • Dimensions - 4 Shot - Length including receiver box 60cm, Height 29cm with legs folded away,  Width 29cm
  • Dimensions - 2 Shot - Length including receiver box 32cm, Height 29cm with legs folded away, Width 29cm
  • Weight - 4 shot - Approx 8 kg, 2 Shot Approx 3.5kg

What comes with my Auto Launch?

  • The Auto Launch comes with electronics - Remote Control/ Transmitter and Receiver Box, an intelligent charger and user instructions.
  • 1 year warranty
  • In house technical support.
  • 4 canvas launcher dummies inc with the 4 shot and 2 canvas launcher dummies inc with the 2 shot
  • Please purchase dummy launcher blanks , as they do not come with the Auto Launch

Add On Launchers come with the dummies, but no remote control


***Customs and Usage in your Country - when purchasing the Auto launch, please make sure you are aware of the customs charges if you are outside the EU and the usage regulations in your country. Thank you.***

With three years in the designing, making and testing, Sporting Saint is delighted to bring the AUTO LAUNCH Remote Control Dummy Launcher to the Gundog World!

​Made in Great Britain!

Copy Right Sporting Saint and ***PATENT PENDING***

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