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Launcher Bird Dummy

Launcher Dummies

Launcher Bird Dummy

Product code:LBD_red

£23.50 inc VAT

The 'Launcher Bird Dummy' by Sporting Saint

  • Designed to help the dog mark the dummy as it travels through the air with the wings and head giving a very life like look and sound
  • Approx distance the dummy travels when launched is 30/40m
  • When retrieved the dog benefits from a 'real' out in the shooting field experience with the wings flapping over or covering the dogs face, just as live birds would
  • The swinging head also gives a very life like feel
  • For use on land and on water
  • Fits all dummy launchers on the market.
  • made from our tough, water proof and rot proof canvas material.
  • Approx weight - 175g
  • colours available - Green, Orange, Red and White

Designed and Manufactured by Sporting Saint

Sporting Saint Testers Comments, "very life like with dogs experiencing the wing effect! Swinging head is a good addition to a launcher dummy. I would recommend this item for training". KS

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