Sporting Saint PVC Launcher Dummies

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Product Code: LL10_red

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The Sporting Saint PVC Launcher Dummies

For use on all handheld and remote control dummy launchers - tried and tested!


  • Available in Red and White
  • The launcher dummies have been designed so they float on water and can also be used for working on land.
  • Achieve very good distances when fired with any of the launcher blank strengths. Travel twice as far as the canvas launcher dummies!
  • Roll along the ground leaving shot scent trail
  • Fly very well through the air, allowing dogs to mark the dummy
  • Shaped to help dog retrieve the dummy with confidence and hold the dummy correctly as they would a birds body.
  • Made and designed in the UK by Sporting Saint.
  • Strong and a Reliable quality product
  • Made in the UK


  • The Dokken Teal Launcher Dummy simulates dead duck in the water.
  • Made of a soft natural-feel foam with free swinging hard plastic head and feet and a natural dead bird weight.
  • Encourages a proper pick up and hold while discouraging the shaking of birds.
  • Dokken Dead Fowl Trainers float even when punctured and training scents may be injected directly into the body for added realism.
  • Weighs approximately 250g and is 10 1/2 inches long.


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