Ben Randall

Professional Trainer

  • We are delighted to be in association with Ben Randall of Beggarbush Gundogs and the Co-Founder of the new "Gundog App". Ben has provided us with positive feedback and ideas for years now and we are delighted to in the progress of developing some exciting new products alongside him. 

    More about Ben

    Ben Randall is the CEO of Beggarbush Gundogs / Ledbury Lodge Kennels Ltd and co Founder with Kristian Forsberg of the new exciting "Gundog App".

    Ben has worked with Gundogs for 35years. He has twice been voted Gundog trainer of the year.

    Ben is a kennel club A panel spaniel judge and judged British and European championships.

    He’s a 5 star licensed breeder @BeggarbushGundogs & a 5 star licensed boarding kennels @Ledburylodgekennels.

    Breeding winning and champion dogs worldwide. Breeder of The Double National Amateur American championship winner Beggarbush Clipper.

    Ben had also represented the England spaniel team and judged the International at the CLA game fair.

    In 2011 / 2012 Ben won the British cocker spaniel championships back to back with FTCh Heolybwlch Fatty a feat that has not been achieved in over 45years.

    Ben teaches clients his BG Foundations worldwide a proven method used at the highest level. Including world famous celebrities and their dogs.

    All positive and rewarding.

    Helping to build the bond, trust and lasting relationship with your dogs.

    The Gundog App - "Make a trained dog part of your story"

  • BG Scent/Marking Ball in Action.