BG Rabbit by Ben Randall

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Exclusive to Sporting Saint 

Introducing the BG Rabbit Dummy... a lifelike dummy to aid the training of your dogs.

Approx. Weight 700g Overall length 48cm

Designed, tested and reviewed by Ben Randall of Beggarbush Gundogs, as featured in the March Edition of the Gundog Journal

As a British Manufacturer, Sporting Saint are delighted to have worked alongside Ben with creating and designing yet another ground breaking dummy for the Gundog market. Our expectations for the BG Rabbit are that its lifelike quality will provide any trainer with the perfect training tool for many years to come. 

Ben’s words on the design

During my decades of training, I have always looked to improve my training tools and I am always trying to make them as realistic and beneficial as possible to prepare my dogs for the real thing.

Canvas dummies are essential items in all our training bags, and, like everybody, I have used them for decades I also want more advanced tools to help develop my dogs further.

That's why I was so pleased to work with Sporting Saint on the development and design of this life-sized dummy rabbit dummy, which is a first for Sporting Saint and is brand new on the market.

One of the many reasons I love working with Sporting Saint is that everything is made in house here in Herefordshire. Throughout the development of this rabbit many prototypes were made and tried on all my working dog breeds until we found the one that consistently worked and lasted the rigours of training here at my BG training kennels.

When asked why I developed this the answer is the same as always - I am always looking for that little bit extra to help my dogs in their training and development. And for me everybody should have at least one of these in their training toolbox.

Why wouldn't you have one if it will enhance your training for the field and for competitions?

Benefits of this Dummy

  • This rabbit dummy was made with realistic rabbit ears, eyes, head, and legs. And it is made in such a way that, if the rabbit is picked up by the dog in the centre of the body, it simulates how a real rabbit is carried, with the legs and the head flopping either side of the dog's mouth.
  • One great benefit of that is teaching your dogs that if they hold it centrally it will allow them to have the correct weight balance in their mouth to allow them to run swim or jump far more effectively.
  • Another benefit of this new development is that when you throw them by holding the back legs you can slide them across the floor to create the rabbit scent along the ground. This teaches the dog to line scent as well.
  • When I am training for rabbit shooting or rabbit trials, I find this is an invaluable training tool - making that sometimes-tricky transition from training to the real thing as seamless as possible.
  • Further to that whenever I get the rabbit dummy out of my bag, I can see my dogs' reaction change. Even the novice dogs that don't know what a rabbit lift prick their ears a little bit more and focus that bit harder. Likewise, the experienced dogs also seem to switch on even more than usual, because this is as close to the real thing as possible. 



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