Lucy with Wilma, Mona & Winston


  • We are delighted to be in association with Lucy and her dogs, Lucy's ever-growing Instagram channel allows us all great insight into her gundog training journey. Her feedback and input is always interesting and informative. 

    More about Lucy

    Hello, so where to begin? I am Lucy, who has always loved working dogs, but in particular, English Springer Spaniels. The love for working springers has been shared by my dad. My dad has always had English Springer Spaniels which he has always worked, so I grew up and fell in love with the breed.

    We currently have 3 English Springers, to start with we have Winston, a black and white beating dog. He is my dad’s dog, so he primarily is trained and worked by my dad. Then we have Wilma. Wilma is my first dog that has been solely mine and she has by far been the best thing I have ever done for myself. She is now 3 years old, and a gorgeous black and white springer that I adore. I then wanted Wilma to have a sister to keep her company, little did I know at that point in time, I would end up getting her, her actual sister Mona. They share the same mum and dad just two years apart. Mona has just turned 1 and is a beautiful liver and white springer. Wilma and I have worked 2 seasons, we started off beating, and now we pick up but to be honest, still do small parts of beating before picking up on the drives. We go to small local shoots and we love it. I did go beating when I was younger with my dad, but there is something magical about working the dogs and seeing your dog do what they love, and you have all trained so hard for. Mona will hopefully join us once she is trained.

    Wilma is my first dog, so we have been learning together, and this is when I started to look into equipment for training. I came across Sporting Saint products at my local Gundog Training Club shop. I bought some items from this shop and was very impressed with the high quality of the products. If I remember right it was a 1/2lb & a 1lb canvas dummy. When I was looking to extend my product range, I remember looking online on various websites, but I was always drawn back to Sporting Saint. I trusted their quality, and they were the most competitive prices out there and I thought right I am ordering with them. I ordered a bird canvas dummy, a disc dummy, rabbit balls (These are the best if you haven’t tried them already) as well as some rabbit dummies. Let’s just say we now have a fairly big collection as they have such a wide range of products to try.

    We have always used and loved Sporting Saint Products and we are so happy to work with them and be a brand ambassador for them. We are still learning but loving the journey along the way with the dogs.

    Our favourite items from Sporting Saint are:

    • Dummy Launcher - we’ve only recently purchased this and I wish I bought one sooner! 

    • Rabbit balls - these are a great reward as well as they go mad for them! 

    • Water dummies - it is essential for me that the dogs are confident in the water so these are a great way for reinforcing a positive association with the water and growing their confidence! 

    • The duet dummies - these are great. I love these. These were recommended to me to help with marking and blinds and these are definitely one of my go-to dummies. 

    • Also for me, essential items are by far the Acme whistle and my training waistcoat! I have also recently bought the Acme clicker which I love, so much louder than the normal clickers.