Goose & Hare Dummy

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Product Code: TR08

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The Sporting Saint - Goose Dummy

  • This training dummy is weighed at each end with a soft fill middle section which teaches your dog to lift and balance large and heavy weights correctly. Practice makes perfect with this one!
  • Sealed interior, but the dummy does not float in water.
  • Approx. 6lbs (2.7kg)

We also sell the 'All in One Hare Dummy ' 3 piece weighted dummy covered in Rabbit Skin. Very life like look and feel. Click here for the product

All in One - Hare Dummy

  • approx 4lb in weight and 3 times the size of the All in One Rabbit making it very life like to the Hare size and weight. 3 piece design all joined together.
  • covered in cured rabbit skin


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