Puppy Training Line

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The Puppy Training Line

We are delighted to bring this product to the market.

Manufactured By Sporting Saint, the puppy line was designed by Anne Neale, a professional dog trainer who runs "Training With Kindness.

5m in length.

Anne's Review and Feedback Information - 

Lightness of line and clip works well with flat collars as not all puppies can be fitted with a harness when very young. Also, some puppies/ young dogs may be unable to tolerate wearing a harness, due to sensitivity issues.

  • Having the choice to explore/disengage, enables the puppy to learn more effectively, as more relaxed due lack of tension in the line
  • A key piece of equipment for loose lead walking, wait, recall, and retrieve exercises.
  • Allows a puppy to explore new environments/ settings safely.
  • Comfortable to handle. Can be looped and clipped to belt loop, so ‘hands free’ for “off lead” training.
  • Lines are easy to clean and have a quick drying time.

"A HUGE THANK YOU to all at Sporting Saint for supporting the design and development of this puppy line. These lines have made such a difference to the owners who have used them in my classes and 1:1's, and I am sure to those who will use them in the future"


Please note:

  • Not intended to be used for road/ street walking.
  • Advise use of gloves in wet/ cold weather.
  • While these lines may be longer term for smaller breeds, medium/ larger breeds should consider changing to an adult line as they mature. For example, we used the 5-metre line with our Flatcoated Retriever puppy as his weight was nearing 28-30 kg.
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