Drill Dummy by Laura Hill

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Exclusive to Sporting Saint

The Drill Dummy

Designed, developed and tested by Laura Hill of Stauntonvale Gundogs

The Drill Dummy - By Laura Hill

  • They were developed to be extremely light weight but highly visible. 
  • Main use is for drill work, schooling where you may need to put multiple dummies out.
  • Great for leaving out as blinds or memories on the side of a hill. Easy to see.
  • You can add white tape to the ends for extra visibility where desired.
  • Also, have been beneficial for helping young dogs learn to hold and deliver well.  The firm shape and larger body helps the dog develop a reliable hold.
  • 15oz rot proof canvas filled with foam
  • Length -  area where dogs hold - 10 inches
  • Diameter - 3 inch
  • Weight - approx. 220 - 240g
  • colours - Yellow and Blue
  • Land and water training
  • Made by Sporting Saint here in the UK!

Testing Review -

Really easy to throw a good distance from you. Light, so can carry several around with you. The flat base of the dummy allows the dummy to be stood up in both long grass and on hard surfaces. 

Pictures demonstrate one of the young Sporting Saint gundogs in training. 

Copyright -Sporting Saint. Design right pending

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