The 93rd Kennel Club AV (Ex Cocker) Spaniel Championship...results!

Sporting Saint were delighted to be a Sponsor and attend the event

Ally pictured with the Winner Mr A Ladyman is the lady behind our New product designs, Sales and customer service!  Photo by ARC photography 

Congratulations everyone! 

The 93rd Kennel Club AV (Ex Cocker) Spaniel Championship was held in spectacular North Pennines. Huge thanks to our host Mr R Morley, the keeper team and his additional helpers for all their hard work in managing the ground.
Judges were: Dave Rayner, Jeff Rayner, Gary Smith and Ivan Wilson, they judged the dogs fairly and with understanding.
Thanks to all who supported, and congratulations to all the award winners:
[🏆] 1st place and Gun’s Choice: FTCh Rosebay Meadow, Mr A Ladyman
[🥈] 2nd: FTCh Dawsonlee Maddy, Mr S Dixon
[🥉] 3rd: Commonshall Mayfly, Mr R Gorman
[🏅] 4th: FTCh Borransfell Moneypenny, Mr D Massey
Diploma of Merit to:
[🎖] 7 FTCh Broomfield Sarafina, Mr E Scott
[🎖] 8 Menewa Daisy, Mr S Bates
[🎖] 12 Skronedale Milly of Quailhollow, Mr A Kerr
[🎖] 13 FTCh Rytex Reo of Hollydrive, Mr M Walsh
[🎖] 25 Dawsonlee Oddessy, Mr S Tyson
[🎖] 28 FTCh Rytex Rapeds, Mr O Ingram, handled by Simon Dixon
[🎖] 29 Broomfield Jackie, Mr E Scott
[🎖] 31 FTCh Meikleburn Dark Island, Mr A Clouston
[🎖] 32 Broomfield Humboldt, Mr S Blackwell
[🎖] 40 FTCh Saxonvale Bo, Mr R Wilson
[🎖] 42 Skitters Waggy, Mr B Faley
[🎖] 43 Rosebay Blue, Mr T Tanner
[🎖] 48 Kenxtwen Sweet Topaz, Mr B Johnstone
[🎖] 49 FTCh Churchview Cortinio, Mr J Bailey
[🎖] 57 FTCh Shiveck Primat, Miss T Siwek
[🎖] 59 Int FTCh Sliabh Aoife, Mr L Rice
[🎖] 61 FTCh Broomfield Vera at Taykimoor, Ms K Stewart
[🎖] 63 Gorsebay Rue, Mr M Clifford