Pip Jones

  • Hello and Welcome! I am Pip Jones, Founder and Managing Director of Sporting Saint.

    14 years ago I wanted to start my own business within the Countryside industry. As a young girl I grew up training and working gundogs with my father and believed this was the industry for me!

    Our dummy and lead range were born out of some very late nights working around the kitchen table which is what you need to do when starting a business! Little did I know 14 years later Sporting Saint would be stocking over 1500 product lines and have a worldwide customer base, plus 90% of our range is made either by us or companies in Great Britain.

    In my spare time (what is that?!!) I train and work my own gundogs on our family farm in Herefordshire. I am partial to a damson gin during the shooting season and I enjoy living and working in our beautiful countryside. I also enjoy seeing how my young children embrace the sport and the love of dogs. Their excitement on a shoot day or a training session is very rewarding!

    Throughout my continued journey with Sporting Saint I meet many people from different walks of life all with a common purpose, to train our dogs. The interaction with these people really does inspire and shape the decisions made within Sporting Saint, as to what new products we develop and the markets we sell in, to how we design our website shopping experience as we strive to connect and serve our customers.

    I think we all have that one special dog, well mine was a black lab bitch called Minnie (image in the gallery below) Minnie was a pup when I began Sporting Saint and was chief product tester. She is sadly no longer with us, but the products she helped to test out are still going strong!

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Sporting Saint website and shopping with us, I hope you have found our range and website a good experience and you will be back soon!

    With the Warmest Regards

    Pip Jones