Louise Allen

  • We are delighted to be in association with Louise, who has produced many outstanding photos of our current and new products as well as her many other breathtaking photos. We look forward to continuing to work with Louise! 

    More about Louise

    I am a Veterinary Physiotherapist, Photographer and compete with my English springer spaniels in field trials based in the East Midlands with a keen passion for field sports and animal health and welfare.

    I’ve always been around animals from a young age and growing up in the Outer Hebrides gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in these amazing surroundings.

    From that and a few years of working in the equine industry. I then attained my biggest academic accomplishment of a Post Graduate degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy being able to follow my passion of having a career in caring for the health and welfare of animals. Also, Veterinary Physiotherapy can be an integral part of competition and working animals minimising the risk of injury and optimising performance potential.

    I carry out physiotherapy for both equine and canine athletes with a very keen interest in gun and agility dogs, racehorses, and rehabilitation.

    The journey into photography started as I wanted to capture our own dogs in action and have memories to keep and treasure, from this I have set up Louise Allen Photography. I love taking my camera out whilst on training days or even when I’m working so I can capture those impromptu moments either for friends, clients, or my own personal use. In this short space of time, I have taken and had photographs published for CAB Animal transit boxes, Zilco, Comfort Zone, and New equine with a few of my gundog images being in the Gundog Journal.

    Hobbies see me enjoying competing with my English springer spaniels in kennel club field trials and tests up and down the country. Gaining with Lola a novice trial win, an open trial award and six open test wins. Lola is everything in a spaniel I love so I decided to breed my own lines (Cudannsa) and one of her daughters I have already gained a Novice trial win. I’m very excited about the future ahead.

    I’m delighted to be in association with Sporting Saint not only through photography but through the gundogs and my love for training and competing in trials as an amateur coming through and breeding my own lines.