• We are delighted to be in association with Holly-Jane of Russetpeak Gundogs, who you may also know from the @walkieswith_freya Instagram account. Holly-Jane conceived of the cold-game wrap and contributed significantly to the iteration of the prototypes.  

    Holly-Jane is an avid working test competitor with her HPR, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Freya (Zoldmali Trilla at Russetpeak), and received early success winning out of novice dog novice handler at her first competition.  Whilst relatively new to the gundog world, she spends her weekends at training events and supporting other novice handlers that are passionate about the sport.

    Holly-Jane lives on the edge of Greater London.  Whilst her career has taken her to numerous war zones, she prefers the quieter life working her Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla across Kent and Essex.  Prior to working with gundogs she trained dogs for theatre and film, and competed at Crufts in obedience, heelwork to music, and handling. With experience working across different dog sports with different breeds, Holly-Jane knows how important it is to scaffold new behaviours and gradually build the dogs confidence.  As a novice handler she wanted to refine how her dog approached cold game and cement a central, confident hold from day one, this led her to design in partnership with Sporting Saint, the cold-game wrap.

    Photo credit to Abi Riley Photography