Fraser MacDougall


  • We are delighted to be in association with Fraser of Arisaig Gundogs. Fraser provides fantastic training updates via TikTok and Instagram 

    More about Fraser

    My name is Fraser MacDougall. I live in the village of Arisaig, Inverness-shire on the West Coast of Scotland. 

    I’m married and have four children. I’m also the Treasurer for Arisaig Highland Games.

    I have had a keen interest in working with animals from a young age, I loved working at my auntie and uncles Dairy Farm in Campbeltown, Argyll as a youngster right through to my late teenage years. My interest in animals started there and has never stopped, you could say I enjoyed the country life from a very early age! I still retain a huge interest in Agriculture to this day and grateful for what my early years on the farm have given me and taught me.

    I have owned and trained Gundogs for nearly 20yrs, the majority of these being Springer Spaniels with the odd Labrador. In the past I have competed in working tests and field trials with my Spaniels, I have had a few awards in field tests but not so lucky in field trials as of yet. I’ll be looking to do more competitions in the future.

    In the kennels just now I have a mixture of Springers and Labs, for me it’s important to have both breeds to train and work with. I go on various kinds of shoots with the dogs and the jobs I am asked to do can differ so I need to be able to cover as many bases as possible. I feel the Springer and Labrador combination gives me this flexibility.

    Going forward I’m looking to grow my number of dogs with quality being at the forefront of everything I do - be that buying a puppy in or occasionally breeding my own pups. 

    Being on social media for me has been a really enjoyable experience - getting to share what I do with the gundogs, along with how I go about doing it has been very rewarding. In a relatively short space of time my various pages have grown quickly - check out Arisaig Gundogs on most social media platforms to see us.

    I’m delighted to be an ambassador for Sporting Saint, I have used their training equipment for years and cannot wait to get more involved. 

    My prized possession is very much my Sporting Saint training vest. Every time I put it on it reminds me of how lucky I am.