Dead Bird Dummy

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Exclusive to Sporting Saint... The Flight Dead Bird Dummy

Designed with NEW and enhanced features such as wings and a tail, the Dead Bird Dummy will aid in the training of your dog as it truly simulates picking up a dead bird.

Developed, designed, tried, and tested by our team and Sporting Saint Ambassadors

Our original Bird Dummy design which we first manufactured some 12 years ago and is used by gundog trainers worldwide, has had an upgrade, but don't worry, our original bird dummy is still available to order as well!

About the Dead Bird Dummy 

Cock Pheasant:

  • Weight - approx. 600/700g
  • Size - Large - Ideal for adult labs and large springers

Hen Pheasant:

  • Weight - approx. 400/500g 
  • Size - Large - Slightly smaller in size than the Cock Pheasant


  • Weight - approx. 700g
  • Size - Large - Ideal for adult labs and large springers


  • Weight - approx. 300g
  • Size - Standard. For larger birds please view the Hen Pheasant, larger again is the Cock Pheasant or Mallard.


  • Swinging head
  • Large wings
  • Long pheasant-like tail
  • Rounded body shape
  • Throwing cord attached
  • Scent can be applied
  • Available to ship worldwide

Manufactured in Great Britain by Sporting Saint


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