NEW! Dummy Sleeve by Andy Cullen


Dummy Sleeve

Designed, developed and reviewed by renowned Gundog Trainer and Sporting Saint associate Andy Cullen of Laochin Gundogs - click here to find out more about Andy

White in colour,  water and rot proof canvas
Easily slides over and stays in place on to 1lb and 2lb dummies
Tabs attached to help pull the sleeve into position

Training Tips for using the Dummy Sleeve by Andy - 

"The dummy sleeve is to be used on any canvas standard dummy (1lb or 2lb) to make it easy to see.

Also it can be used with set up trainer and in addition for long delayed memory retrieves. The sleeve is made to be removed and washable to avoid the need to wash dummies etc.

Another simple but effective piece of kit easily stored in your dummy bag or vest and great for drawing young dogs into the retrieve"

Please view the Video which shows Andy explaining the best-suggested practice. 

Click here to view! 

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