NEW! Cock Pheasant Feather Wrap

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Cock Pheasant Feather Wrap by Sporting Saint

  • Accustoms your dog to retrieving game
  • Brilliant to use for marking
  • Scent can be applied
  • Fastens extremely easily with Velcro
  • Feathers are sewn into the canvas wrap, making this durable and long lasting
  • Great Training Aid – Completely Life Like
  • Will fasten around 1lb & 2lb Dummies
  • Available on it’s own or with a 1lb Dummy or 2lb dummy

We do advise the Dummy is placed rather than thrown.

Questions and Answers -

Q – How durable are the feathers on the wrap?

A – The Feather Wraps have been trailed/tested and proved to be long lasting and durable. Of course some feathers will fall out with regular use, which is why we recommend the dummy is placed on the floor for your dog to mark, rather than thrown to get the best results out of this product. The feathers will look like normal wet feathers once they have been in the dogs mouth or when training in the wet.


Q – At what age should I introduce this to my Gundog?

A – We would recommend using this particular type of product, once your dog is successfully and confidently brining back 1/2lb & 1lb Dummies. This product can also be used to help encourage a dog that does not like to pick up game (feathers), to pick up game!


Q – How does this differ to your Cock Pelts?

A – The wrap is heavily coated with Pheasant Feathers, bringing the dummy to life to represent a real life bird as with our Cock Pelts. The Feathers are sewn into the wrap making this product more durable.


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