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The 'Set Up Trainer' by Andy Cullen MBE

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The 'Set Up Trainer' by Andy Cullen MBE

Product code:SUT

£49.00 inc VAT

  • The 'Set Up Trainer' by Andy Cullen MBE
    Complete Set SUT £49.00 inc VAT
  • The 'Set Up Trainer' by Andy Cullen MBE
    Dummy holder only SUT_holder £18.49 inc VAT

The 'Set Up Trainer' is a training concept introduced by renown Gundog Trainer Andy Cullen MBE of Laochin Gundogs

Andy describes how you and your gundog can benefit from using the 'Set Up Trainer ' System -
  • The Set Up Trainer is designed to give a young Gundog confidence to go out in a Straight line from the handler in the direction required. In particular this is a must when there is multiple retrieves too pick both seen and unseen to the dog and handler, the dog must Set Up correctly so that it can get to the retrieve indicated quickly and efficiently once indicated by the handler. 
  • The Set Up trainer is a great training aid, easily transported in a training vest or dummy bag and can be used to great effect to create many different training scenarios to assist you and your dog to achieve these training goals
Please view the short video clip of Andy demonstrating best practice in one of his training sessions.

The Set Up Trainer Set Consists of 

  • 3 x dummy holders
  • 3 x 1lb Duet Dummies - Now in Blue and White without a toggle. This is a feedback change from Andy himself to further enhance the training process. 

"The reason for the change in colour and minus toggle is simply to assist the dog in the pick up and to fit into the holders better also blue is easier than green for a dog to see" - Andy Cullen MBE 

For more information about Andy Cullen and Laochin Gundogs please follow this link

  • The dummy holder has been made from powder coated mild steel and is orange in colour so you the trainer can find them easily!
  • The spike allows the dummy holder to be easily pushed down in to the ground.
  • The dummy holders are a high quality product and of course made here in the UK.

Sporting Saint is delighted to be able to manufacturer the 'Set Up Trainer ' for Andy and bring the product to the gundog market

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