Airflow Bumper

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Airflow Bumper

Sporting Saint are proud to be the UK & EU Distributor!

  • Revolutionary design
  • The narrowed centre increases airflow by 350%
  • The narrowed centre and redesigned shape encourages dogs to naturally grab the centre of the bumper
  • The fluted design improves airflow, air enters the mouth through the sides and the front.  The flutes prevent sealing by the dogs jowls on the side of the bumper.
  • The fluted design allows easier carrying with less biting force - encouraging a softer grip.
  • Both small and large dogs can train with the same bumper.
  • Made from non toxic materials
  • Extremely durable, Stays clean
  • Developed and patented by Auburn University, USA - the leading university in dog performance
  • Land and water use.
  • Available in Orange and White

Martin Deeley is an internationally renowned dog trainer and provides expert, professional dog training services throughout the world recommends this new revolutionary product!

"When I first saw, and held the new Air Flow Bumper, I thought, ‘Yeah right, dogs will like this, I don’t think – it’s weird.” I am a canvas and bird shaped dummy user. My, how I had to eat my words as I tried it out on numerous dogs. Not just with labs but with cockers, golden retrievers, springers, and a flatcoat. I also had very pleasing carries with very young puppies, springers and cockers – 8 weeks upwards. They all liked this unusual shaped dummy. Not only that, but dogs that had retrieving problems – balancing the dummy, dropping it, mouthing and just generally messing about – improved. I was fascinated watching this happen and owners of these dogs, who had these issues, found it difficult to understand also. The shape encourages a middle grip which balances the dummy and the narrow middle enables easier breathing. The flutes either side encourage a middle pick up and hold, and the weight of the dummy - which is light - creates a confident and comfortable feel. Easier breathing, when swimming, not allowing large amounts of water to enter the mouth; balance and acceptable texture, from my experience, are the main reasons this dummy is a winner. This is a dummy for all ages and all dogs you are working with on retrieving. I found myself really enjoying working with the dogs in training using this dummy, because I got improved results with each one."  Martin Deeley August 2017

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