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Working Pointers and Setters - David Hudson

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  • Working Pointers and Setters - David Hudson
    Working Pointers and Setters - David Hudson BK28 £19.95 ex VAT

David Hudson's book is a comprehensive guide to Pointers and Setters. The author looks at the way the breeds originally evolved and how they have developed into the working, showing and pet dogs we know today.  He describes the split between show, working and pet strains and offers sound advice to help the prospective owner choose the right breed for their particular requirements. The book takes the reader through basic training to more advanced lessons and finally to introducing the young dog to field trials or the shooting field.  The author expresses his own forthright and sometimes controversial views on field trials and dog shows as well as giving a thought-provoking guide to handling both dogs and guns on a shooting day.  Above all he paints an evocative picture of the sheer joy of owning and working any of the Pointer and Setter breeds.


David Hudson and his wife, Georgina, have owned, bred, trained, trialed  shown and worked Pointers and Setters for well over thirty years.  David is a writer and photographer specialising in field sports and has written a number of books on shooting and gundogs. He also contributes regularly to the shooting press.  He keepers a small pheasant shoot in the south of Scotland and enjoys working Labradors and Spaniels as well as Pointers and Setters.


'This is a book which will give an insight to all you need to know from buying to training.' The Shooting Gazette '

...a well balanced and easy to read compilation of everything you need to know about working pointers and setters.' Sporting Gun