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WINNER of the Shooting Industry Awards NEW GUNDOG PRODUCT 2016

Conical Dummy by Sporting Saint

To suit both the young and advanced dog in training.

  • Designed in conjunction with professional Gundog Trainer James Starkey of Jarailstar Gundogs -
  • Please view the short video clip of James demonstrating best practice using the Conical dummy.
  • Please note that James's video is a demonstration of how the Concial dummy can aid training, but the dummy can be used in any way to suit your own training needs!
  • Sporting Saint is delighted to help James bring his product idea to the gundog product market place, with great reviews already circulating, we trust you will find the Conical Dummy a very useful training aid

Training with the Conical Dummy -

The main reason behind the design of the Conical dummy is using the dummy as a visual clue in teaching young dogs ‘blind retrieves’. Conventional dummies have a low threshold for falling or blowing over when placed end upwards.

These NEW Conical dummy is shaped with a wider base so will stand up, not topple over but still be visible from a distance.

In the early stages of retrieve training it is advantageous that the dog sees the Conical dummy in its stationary position for an extra confidence boost. The dog then associates running out in the direction of the handlers point with the success of the retrieve.

Distances can be built up more and more – often dogs will reach a set distance, their comfort zone, then the visual clue of the Conical Dummy will lift them and encourage them to go further. More complex send away exercises using multiple Conical dummies will help refine the accuracy of the send away.

Height - Approx 7.5inches

Weight - approx 400 - 500g

Conical Dummy is best used as a placing dummy, putting several out in a training session.

Made from our quality canvas, for use on land and green in colour.

Scent can be applied

Please Note - The Conical Dummy is a registered design of Sporting Saint Limited. Thank you

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