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Placeboard Training the Openshaw Way


Placeboard Training the Openshaw Way

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  • Placeboard Training the Openshaw Way
    America & Canada play only DVD21_NTSC £29.95 inc VAT

Placeboard Training The Openshaw Way

  • This film will show you the advantages of using placeboard training.
  • Watch and learn valuable lesson from Ian and Wendy Openshaw, as they
  • take you through each stage of training step by step.
  • The placeboard can be used anywhere, inside and outside, for any breed
  • of dog and at an early age.
  • Placeboard training makes your dog focus and concentrate on you.
  • A focused dog makes retrieving more positve and you will end up with a basically trained dog at a much earlier age.

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DVD Sequences

    • Introduction
    • The placeboard
    • Puppy training 8 - 12 weeks
    • Spliting the placeboards
    • Delivery on a placeboard
    • Steadiness on placeboard
    • Using placeboards with a check cord
    • Introduction at 8 months
    • A clients problem on the placeboard
    • How to place the boards
    • Beginning of advance work
    • Advance lesson on placeboards
    • The end result on a placeboard
    • Using a placeboard inside
    • Filmed and produced by Paul French Video
    • Running Time 76 mins
    • Available in UK & Worldwide Play and America/ Canada Play


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