Steve Smith

Professional Trainer

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  • We are delighted to be in association with Steve Smith of Wrencourt Gundogs. Steve has helped us test and develop a number of products by providing vital feedback. Steve has also recently helped to design and release the "In the Field Pack" which includes everything you need for when out picking up!

    More about Steve

    Steve has been involved with animals from a very early age. His family had a smallholding where he and his older brother had sheep and cattle. On leaving school he studied at Worcester Agricultural College, Hindlip where he achieved diplomas in both sheep and cattle health and husbandry. 

    He went on to work at a local farm, where he realized that the help of a trained border collie was imperative in order to move the animals about. He also competed in Sheepdog trials with some success. 

    Further interest in shooting and all the elements encouraged him in his interest in working dogs. His first spaniel was a cocker/springer cross - A sprocker. Then followed a litter of puppies of which two were trained to work in the field. Several years on. further dogs were bought in and training increased accordingly. 

    As Head Keeper on a large commercial shoot, he hosted both the Springer and Cocker Championships very successfully. 

    The Game Fair led to further interest in the sport and competitions and he has been the Chairman of these events for some years, introducing new events and also overseeing the whole of the Gundog Events. 

    He has a natural approach to the training of dogs and handlers has helped and encouraged people in the shooting field.

    He now trains dogs and their handlers for whatever discipline. His mantra is that you buy a working breed, then you need to stimulate it. Not necessarily as a shooting dog but using its nose to find and back items thrown or hidden in the garden or on walks. If not stimulated working dogs can be very destructive in the home!