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NEW Product Launch

NEW for 2019!

The Mini Tennis Ball Launcher as recommended by renowned Gundog Trainer Ian Openshaw

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Exclusively sold throughout the UK and EU by Sporting Saint

Ian Openshaw Recommends The Mini Tennis Ball Launcher - in Ian's words "No Recoil when fired off a handheld dummy launcher.  The mini size tennis balls are brilliant for encouraging dogs to hunt as they bury themselves in the grass". "A great piece of training equipment"

  • The Mini Tennis Ball Launcher is light in weight, 245 grams, very easy to fit to the launcher and easily fits in your training vest of training bag
  • Sporting Saint has really enjoyed testing the Mini Tennis Ball Launcher. The ball does not travel really fast so your dog will be able to mark the ball through the air. The ball makes a really good curve shape in the air.
  • approx. 30m distance
  • 1 ball fired at a time
  • NO recoil when tested on the Sporting Saint Handheld Launcher. Will fit all known dummy launchers, including the Remote Control Auto Launch and Sport GrousePRO.
  • Please note the Mini Tennis balls have been specially made to fit the Mini Ball Launcher, so please use only the mini balls