Henry with Ginny


  • We are delighted to be in association with Henry and Ginny. Their channel is a tale of their journey together in the Gundog world and we are honoured to be allowed to take part in it! 

    More about Henry & Ginny! 

    I’m Henry, 27 and live in Staffordshire with my partner Danielle and our two Labradors Ginny & Pepper. Although having grown up with dogs for my entire life, Ginny is my first ever Gundog. Shooting has been such a large part of my life for many years and I didn’t think anything would match my love for it, until Ginny came along!

    Ginny is first and foremost a family pet whose pride of place is on the sofa with us. However, I get lots of enjoyment from training her (although it's nearly always me that needs to be trained). We are out together most evenings, train in a local club 1-2 times a week and Summer 2021 will be our 1st working test competitive season.

    I created the Instagram page “Ginnythefoxred” to keep a personal track and record of my training journey to look back on and see where progress has been made or where more work is needed, often using the mantra “not pro’s but having a go” and have been amazed at the volume of people who are interested in following our journey with us.

    Ginny is a very hot dog with lots of drive and enthusiasm which has to be carefully managed and moulded. I use a large variety of Sporting Saint equipment to assist with my training and have an embarrassingly large dummy collection as I cannot resist the quality and variety they have on offer. I particularly enjoy using the duet dummies which acts as a helpful marker dummy along with the dummy balls which are small enough to slip in any coat pocket on a walk for a bit of impromptu training.

    I am honoured to become part of the team and work with Sporting Saint as a brand ambassador. Dog training is by no means a race, but I am enjoying it every step of the way.