Harry Williams

Product Testing & Design

  • We are delighted to be in association with Harry. Harry has helped us test and develop products over the years. His feedback and support have been invaluable. 

    We will be bringing you more information from Harry about his training and Estate life in due course. 

    More about Harry

    I live on the Staffordshire, Shropshire & Worcestershire border and help to manage the family Estate. My interests and responsibilities include the Farm, Forestry and all sporting aspects including our grouse moor in the peak district. I have always loved shooting and country sports and became interested in dogs about 20 years ago.  I enjoy many different parts of shooting life and my dogs have to be multipurpose from sitting on the peg to tracking deer, they won’t win a trial but they’ll do everything I want them to do! I have Labradors and spaniels and a couple of lurchers but would consider myself a Labrador man at heart!

    My dogs are required to be well behaved while hosting days shooting, pick up when required, sit on the peg when I am shooting, sit quietly in the pigeon hide, accompany me while stalking and having to track when necessary, join me duck flighting and be good family friends!

    I first acquired the knack of training retrievers from a very basic but comprehensive video by Stan Harvey and from there I have picked up things on the way that suit me. I am definitely not a professional trainer but like to help friends out with their dogs, occasionally sell a trained dog and every now and then breed a litter of pups.