Flinger Mid Sized Marking Dummy by Laura Hill


We are delighted to announce the launch of the NEW Flinger Mid Sized Marking Dummy which has been exclusively designed, developed, tested and reviewed by Sporting Saint associate and renowned Gundog Trainer Laura Hill of Stauntonvale Gundogs

Why Laura trains with the Flinger Mid Sized Marking Dummies -


"I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Sporting Saint to produce these easy-throw dummies, which are the perfect size and weight to throw for marked retrieves. 

The long-throw rope with a good-sized round toggle really helps to get some height and distance when throwing.  We've developed the range to be able to vary the degree of visibility too, which is great for aiding young dogs to mark.  The high visibility, all-white PVC dummies wipe clean and stay clean and bright, even in the muddiest of conditions!  Next, the white PVC topped dummies still retain a highly visual element but help you transition a dog through its marking training, before moving on to using the all-blue canvas dummy.

These mid-sized dummies have a good body length to enable retrievers to hold them correctly, and they are also ideal for spaniels being smaller in diameter and lighter than a standard dummy.  They are a great all-around marking dummy, without being bulky to carry around."

1/2lb (approx. 250g) in weight, so light to carry
Three types available - all Blue canvas or PVC Top/ Canvas or All White PVC - wipe clean
Longer and thinner than the standard Sporting Saint 1/2lb range
Please note that the PVC and PVC top dummies are not suitable for water training, land only is advised.

1lb PVC (wipe clean) option available in our 1lb dummy section or click here 

Suggested Use -

White Marking tape - 38mm by 20m - this can be applied around the dummies, again to aid visibility/Marking. 

Laura has also released the book Advanced Retriever Training to help with your training. Click here for the book info.