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SICCARO - Drying Robes & Mats

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SICCARO - World's most absorbent Dog Drying Coat, Mats & Mitts with Wet2Dry technology are now available from Sporting Saint!

Siccaro Supreme Drying Dog Coat is the 5 in 1 coat

1. DRY - Primarily it can DRY a dog really quickly, and can be used several times in one day on a dog, and still absorb moisture.
2. WARM - Gun dog breeds that don't have thick coats, use it to keep WARM. (eg Spaniels)
3. COOL - On a hot summers day, you can rinse the coat in cold water and use the coat to COOL the dog down.
4. NO SMELL - The coat has NO SMELL, due to its anti-bacterial properties.
5. TICKS - It can collect and catch TICKS. So instead of getting stuck on the dog, the ticks get stuck in the dog coat. Then they can be picked out of shaken off the coat
Most of the other drying robes available are made from plastic (polyester / Microfiber ) textile and comes as a standard product used for 1000 other articles. 
Siccaro's textiles are all specially made for this very purpose, to dry a dog really quickly without smell. Supreme Pro is made from certified organic bamboo cellulose and viscose, made in Europe with European high work ethic standards, and the packaging bags will further on, be made from plastic collected from the oceans. Right now the packaging is made from re-usable paper.